A Site Dedicated to Replacing White Supremacy with a System of Justice

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“If you do not understand White Supremacy (Racism) What it is, and how it works everything else that you understand, will only confuse you” — Mr. Neely Fuller Jr. (1971)

(Disclaimer: This site has not been endorsed by Mr. Neely Fuller, Jr.)

The site, formerly known as TheFullerFiles.com,  has been changed to TheBlackCodeFiles.com

According to The United Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept Book, pg 14:

“The word “Independent” means that each and every individual Victim of Racism is, at all times, in all places, in all areas of activity, “Independent” in regards to his or her choice of methods used to resist and/or eliminate Racism (White Supremacy).”

This is MY Independent Effort to utilize the principles found in The United Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept Book  by Mr. Neely Fuller, Jr. — along with selected articles, sound clips, and video recordings by a variety of  Individuals — all United in the Goal of Replacing White Supremacy with a System of Justice.

Any questions, constructive criticisms, or comments regarding anything on this site should be addressed to me, the Site Creator, via the Contact Form. I apologize for any confusion and any prior statements or claims made by me in error. To correct these errors, the domain name, email address, and some links have been changed.

Why Was This Site Created?

While researching a new book, I was listening to a Neely Fuller CD on my way to work, and found myself constantly wanting to pull over to the side of the road to jot down a phrase or a passage so profound I wanted to quote it in the book. During that time I had several conversations with my coworkers about the way blacks in Chicago were being forced out of prime inner-city areas to allow white suburbanites — tired of the long commutes and rising gas prices — to “reclaim” the same neighborhoods they had once abandoned, and how “gentrification” was just a fancier word for racism.

I remembered Mr. Fuller talking about gentrification (which he calls ‘racial dislocation’) but I couldn’t remember exactly where I’d heard it. Out of the 12 or 15 audio CDs, C.O.W.S. programs, and YouTube videos I had listened to over the years, where would I find that one quote I was looking for?

I thought: wouldn’t it be cool if somebody organized a selection of audio clips and quotes by subject to make it easier and quicker to find what I was looking for? After searching through pages and pages of Yahoo and Google results, I realized there was nothing like this on the internet. Then I was struck by another thought: Why can’t that “somebody” be me?

And that is the story of how TheBlackCodeFiles.com was born.

How I “Discovered” Counter-Racism

I discovered counter-racism through a chance meeting with a total stranger while attending an employment-related training session. He suggested I check out a counter-racism website, which I did — reluctantly. After I watched my first counter-racist experiment and learned about the work of Mr. Neely Fuller, Jr. and  The United Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept Book, this information literally changed my perspective of the world, other black people, and myself.

I realized that most of the black people in my friend, acquaintance, and family circle had never even heard of counter-racism, let alone read anything about it. To me, that was a greater tragedy than having to spend hours scouring the Internet for that one in a million audio or video gem I was looking for. I knew I had to do something to try to change that.

The Internet is a Powerful Equalizer

The ONLY realistic method of promoting counter-racist literature is by WORD-OF-MOUTH, meaning the vast majority of new readers learn about counter-racism from other people, not from the mainstream media. This might involve a one-on-one conversation, sharing a book, attending a lecture, listening to an internet-radio program, or finding a website like this (and many others like it).

Most youth and young adults spend more time on-line than in a library, bookstore, or lecture room.  The BEST(and often the only) ways to reach a large number of black males and females under the age of 50 is the television and the Internet.

The white supremacy system uses this knowledge to their full advantage, spinning off  white-supremacy-loaded TV programs, entertainment-oriented websites, movies, relationship books, and “black” music designed to brain trash millions of uninformed black minds. And they’re succeeding beyond their wildest expectations.

If we ever hope to replace white supremacy with a system of justice, we cannot ignore the most powerful medium available to the average person: the internet. We must reach this audience using whatever means are at our disposal. This website is my Independent contribution as an Advocate to replace Racism/White Supremacy with a system of Justice.

That Being Said…

 This Site is NOT a Substitute for Reading OR Purchasing The United Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept Book by Mr. Neely Fuller, Jr.

The BEST and MOST RELIABLE SOURCE is in the form of The United Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept Book by Mr. Neely Fuller, Jr.

I hope you will take a few minutes of your time to check out this site and let me know what you think. Naturally, this site does NOT represent the entirety of the long and impressive list of counter-racist works but hopefully, it’s a start. If you think this site is constructive, please leave a comment, and  join the mailing list to receive regular updates as new sound clips, videos, and articles are posted —  and please share this link with others.

Trojan Pam  (Trojan Horse Press)

————————- *** —————————

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  1. Avery Shabazz says:

    WOOOW! Finally a website dedicated to fellow vet/victim of white supremacy…it is indeed and honor…yet i give this person much credit for waking me up to study,learn and question a system that’s an undeniable force which is causing not only me, but other non-white people problems on the face on this planet.White Supremacy….

  2. Universal Jones says:

    Fuller Forever!

  3. Ashcan says:

    Are you Black?

  4. It’s great to come to one spot and get all of Mr. Fuller works. This was a great idea! I think it will be a huge success. I’m down with anything that will counter white supremacy.

    • Carol ANdrews says:

      Thank you so much for putting this site together, I have read comments on other sites about why Mr. Fuller get to have a web site completely dedicated to his body of work when there are so many other non white scholars who have contributed to the cause of countering racism. This may be true but nobody has analyzed this whole situation on a global level and broke it down to the simplest denominator with a practical workable code that any non white person can custom tailor to they own particular situation in life like Mr. Nelly Fuller….He got their (white Supremacist) # completely. The jig will be up as more and more ppl become codified. I have not the slightest doubt…….
      Again many heartfelt thanks for one of the most constructive and much needed sites ever.

      • TrojanPam says:

        Thank you for supporting my efforts! Mr Fuller definitely breaks down the system of white supremacy in a way that most people can get some understanding from what he says. You can almost imagine sitting on a porch on a warm summer night, sipping ice tea and chatting with Mr. Fuller, that’s how down to earth his style is — and I think that is what makes him different from most counter-racists and why he is so believable and so well-respected.

  5. I just want to add that I think this is a site that’s been a long time coming. Someone should’ve done a site about Mr Fuller a long time ago.

  6. Emile says:

    Over the years, I knew about racism but never understood how the “system of racism” was working against us. It is mind-boggling how intricate and well-machinated injustices have been and continue to be carried out against black and non-whites globally. For the past three years, I’ve undertaken serious study of how this system came into existence and the rationales behind it. It has been a true awakening in understanding the cause and effect of virtually every action of injustice committed across the globe. However, this system can only continue to exist through blissful ignorance and willful denial by its victims.

  7. Kevin Guice says:

    Yes! Once enough of our people truly understand what the problem is we will automatically start doing the right thing; and we can get out of this mess.

    • blackloveis says:

      Understanding that there is a problem is a beginning. That’s something that a lot of victims do not, cannot, or will not do. Then, understanding the problems themselves is another step. After that, we need a strategy to eliminate the problem, I believe that’s what Mr. Fuller refers to as ‘codification’ — something that I still struggle with, but who said it was supposed to be easy?

      • kevin guice says:

        We do need to get codified. Once I started to listen to Mr. Fuller and Ed and Gus and Pam it opened my eyes and I started to see the covert racism as well as the overt racism.

  8. Aaron Berg says:

    This was an excellent idea for a blog. I like an overall design of
    this site too. A really good archive of Mr. Fullers’ works.

    A very productive way to counter racism in my opinion. Good luck with your

    • blackloveis says:

      This is just a beginning. I will be adding more sound clips, videos, and articles in the near future, Mr. Fuller has so much material, I could probably work on this site for an entire year and still not have it all.

      It’s OUR blog, I’m just the one who put the site together, not the creator of this content

      I’m a victim who is trying to reduce my confusion and become less destructive and more constructive in how I spend my time, money, and energy.

  9. Joy says:

    Every HBCU in the country should have Mr. Fuller’s material as required reading.

    • blackloveis says:

      I totally agree. Which means we all need to share the links to this site — and other sites like it — with family, friends, children, grandchildren, acquaintances, organizations, etc.

      The world is fast becoming a place where nothing can be taken for granted — including a job that pays a living wage or any job at all.

      Our young people will be facing many challenges and will be looking for answers. I can think of no person who is better able to answer them than Mr. Fuller — or at least give them the ammunition to form their own.

    • Wetzel Witten says:

      Profoundly truthful!

  10. Ms. J says:

    I am so grateful for having this blog. I’m a college student school who’s trying to understand racism, and Mr. Fuller’s insight has been eye-opening. In addition, I’ve been looking into counter-racism as well. After listening to The C.O.W.S. this past summer, I’ve learned so much about how this system works and how far academia (my field of interest) has to go in regards to finding solutions for this problem. I used to be caught up with the anti-racist activists, but hearing them on The C.O.W.S. truly changed my perception of their work; while they do have constructive informaiton, their interviews prove that they might not be serious about ending racism. Also, “The Interracial Con Game” and “Black Love Is A Revolutionary Act” helped me to understand why I was sexually attracted to white men, but I’ve been over that after hearing one of the authors break those issues down. I really enjoy my counter-racist journey and look forward to seeing more of Mr. Fuller’s works on this website! Going to a predominantly white school in an openly racist area can be a challenge for myself and other black students, but we will overcome this. Either justice or no planet at this point. Peace.

    • TrojanPam says:

      I can definitely relate with your experiences! Without Mr. Fuller and C.O.W.S. I would not have the understanding I have of the system of white supremacy — and I doubt either of the two books you mentioned (thank you!) would have ever been written.

      Please share the link to this site and C.O.W.S.with your peers because they are being indoctrinated with the poison of white supremacy along with everything else they are learning in those institutions of higher learning.

      • Ms. J says:

        I will definitely share this website with my peers, and I’m actually going to give one of my teachers a cd of a Neely Fuller interview. I’m currently taking a course called African American Experience, and some of the writers that we’re reading seem quite confused about the system. We need more people who can spread this information around, so I’m doing my best. Thanks for your response!

  11. Outstanding effort. Such a great anecdote to rampant confusion. I hope that Victims of White Supremacy will share this site and demonstrate their understanding of the material at all times and in all areas of people activity. Maximum gratitude for Mr. Fuller’s efforts would be a lifelong commitment to The Assignment – Replacing White Supremacy With Justice.

  12. Lakesha says:

    Superb, what a blog it is! This blog gives useful information to us,
    keep it up.

  13. Think Musik says:

    After reading The Code, I later found myself including, my own, 10th area of people activity (Health). Recently after listening to a C.O.W.S. Compensatory Call-in 9/15/12, im thinking of adding another one (Technology)…any thoughts?

    • Josh says:

      Musik, beware the pull of “area of activity inflation”. When you have correct economics, correct education, correct entertainment… you have correct health.

      That was Fullers response when questioned regarding his use of only 9 areas of people activity.

  14. Stacey says:

    Hello.This post was extremely fascinating, particularly because I was browsing for thoughts on this subject last Sunday.

  15. Miss Pam:

    I’m telling every black person I know about your site and posting it on my site.

  16. fast money says:

    Hey I am so happy I found your site, I really found you by accident, while
    I was researching on Aol for something else,
    Anyhow I am here now and would just like to say thank you for
    a tremendous post and a all round entertaining blog (I also love the theme/design), I don’t have time to read through it all at the moment but I have saved it and also included your RSS feeds, so when I have time I will be back to read
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  17. MoonCoonInc says:

    Mr. Fuller is easily one of the most brilliant minds that the Uni-verse has ever bestowed upon us. I can’t go two days w/o checking out theblackcodefiles.com.

  18. mary burrell says:

    Kudos to you. When everyone on Abagonds blog was coming at you, I was amazed at how you tried to answer everyone’s comments. You gave your honest opinion and was graceful and you still spoke the truth. Even if some didn’t want to except what you were telling them about white supremacy and it’s evils. I was shaking my head that some black commenters were so misinformed about the history of our people from slavery to the modern times we live in. I was amazed at one commenters skewerd information about Africans enslaving jews. That was very sad to me to be so ill informed and misguided. The other commenter who I will say had the talented tenth mentality really bothered me the most. Black people that are elitist and classist always make me angry. They are worst than racist white people. But I liked that you had an answer for everybody that questioned what you believed is the culprit in oppressing our people. t

    • Mbeti says:

      Denifinte cosign : I read trojanpam’s comments with great interest and appreciation,I’m still reading and rereading that particular post because of the large number of comments and the high quality of many of them.

  19. Thomas D says:

    Great blog, I can find information that took months of looking and even longer trying to completely understand, now I overstand, thank you for your hard work.

  20. Mbeti says:

    At abagond’s blog – thread – Is Obama a Rented Negro –
    You said – there is a post about the reason so many black females love Obama –
    please direct me to the specific location on your blog here where this is addressed –
    thank you

  21. Val Dugger says:

    Thanks for information that reflects my points and the way I feel. I often feel as though I’m alone and I’m the only one that can see what is really going on. I often wish I had someone or somewhere to vent my frustrations with the conditions in which operate. Most people cripped by white supremacy just try to create a space from which they just k eep being shoveled crap but somehow try to phychologically keep themselves in tact and not be a so called trouble maker.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Val Dugger

      I understand, believe me. That’s why a lot of black and non-white people do not embrace counter-racism because it is not an easy road to travel and can wreak sheer HAVOC on your social life

      BUT is extremely rewarding in terms of emotional, intellectual AND spiritual growth. It is AUTHENTIC GROWTH not one that you get a diploma for and walk around spouting the beliefs that someone drummed into your skull while sitting in a classroom.

      When you start following the LOGIC, you really develop your thinking and analytical ability, and no longer need anyone to tell you what or how to think but are seeking other intellectual soldiers to add to your MENTAL ARSENAL

      but it is not for everyone, and not for most, I’m afraid, who are content to stay in denial and ignorance of the forces that impact their lives

      but sooner or later — and I think sooner THAN later — we will ALL be forced to open our eyes. Those who have been in denial will be like deer in the headlights.

      Those who are preparing will have a better understanding and hopefully will make better decisions for their survival

      I would strongly suggest that you very careful watch the company you keep and refuse to go backwards into mindlessness.

      There are growing numbers of people like yourself who are AND will be searching for answers once they face the FACT that they have been LIED TO

  22. Mbeti says:

    Kushite Prince says:
    September 15, 2012 at 12:57 pm
    I just want to add that I think this is a site that’s been a long time coming. Someone should’ve done a site about Mr Fuller a long time ago.”

    They did ,it was thecode.net which is still up but its discussion board is down,probably because its outdated or something.
    And I recognize at least one prominent regular and admin of said site.

    However as this seems to be an effort to renew and invigorate the code i.e. the works of Nelly Fuller And Dr.Welsings ,maybe we can try being more scientific in our approach to this issue ,as in
    validating this hypothesis via the rules of the scientific method vs accepting it because it sounds logical and maybe feels good.

    Two important parts of this process will be – falsification and “peer/public review”.
    I been following this subject/issue for some twenty plus years now ,Have had access to and read both The United Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept Book, And The ISIS Papers and have heard/seen many of the lectures by the authors ,yet the alleged problem still remains if not worse and I for one still have many questions, which I hope this new forum may answer.

    For one ,I’ve read of Dr.welsing’s extensive credentials ,but have little to nothing about Mr.Fuller’s?

  23. olive doyle says:


  24. Phillip says:

    Order Mr. Neely Fuller’s books. Reading them and sharing them will change your lives. Excellent website by the way!

  25. Average Bee says:

    And another thing is that being in the Midwest, I’m in the belly of the beast. This is like playing the game using a GameShark (they don’t make those anymore). It’s an eye opener. I’m behind enemy lines, the be frank, and this helps me understand the enemy.

    And the more I study, I realize that they ALL are my enemy.

  26. C Cameron says:

    I’m brand new to the site. But love it from day one. Please excuse me for adding this minor comment. IMHO, it is mistaken to link African difficulties to “white anything”. Columbus, murdered 12 million residents in the “NEW WORLD”. What the hell were those 6 million men doing?

    Additionally, Columbus was trying to make a buck. He was a liar, sex fiend, and sadist but he wasn’t sitting on his butt complaining about Isabella not giving him enough money. Complaining is not a strategy. Hope is not a strategy.

    We are dealing with murdering warriors of a sort and better meet them on the battlefield of life. Don’t take a knife to a gun fight! Just sayin.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ C Cameron

      I think it’s a mistake to NOT link African difficulties to the people who caused them. Does that mean Africans have no responsibility to oppose them? Of course they do, but it makes no sense to put the blame on the Victims instead of the Victimizers.

      And there is no point in going to a “fight” when you don’t know what you’re fighting about. That’s a good way to get SLAUGHTERED.

      There is no use fighting when you don’t know your enemy or yourself. Here’s a quote that illustrates what I mean:

      “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” – Sun Tzu, the Art of War

  27. C Cameron says:

    Happy New Year to Trojan Pam!

    I’m thinking it should be Spartacus Pam.

    Going forward can we stop calling “white inferiority” complex something other than it is?

    And can we stop blaming “white people” for something that the “credit mafia” are doing to all of us!

    And can we support media like “TheBlackCodeFiles.com” because they deserve our support!

  28. Praise Yeshua Ha’Mashaich and Bless His Name.

  29. sytropin says:

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    blogs use WYSIWYG editors or if you have to manually code with HTML.
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  31. TrojanPam says:

    if you’re looking for a blog you can customize I would suggest checking out wordpress.org.

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